Internal Education


Junior member education series


During the first two semesters of joining Forté, junior members attend weekly education series led by our VP of Internal Affairs with assistance from our senior members. The topics covered during the education series varies from semester to semester but always prepares members with the soft and technical skills needed to succeed in the professional workplace. The education series culminates with a new member project at the end of the semester.

Advanced education series


All members participate in the bi-weekly advanced education series. Led by our most senior members, the advanced education series provides more robust training on skills such as analyzing data using Excel, solving cases, and managing personal finances after graduation. The skills taught in the advanced education series are applicable regardless of which industry members go into.

Current event presentation


At its core, Forté is dedicated to helping women navigate challenges in the workplace. Every semester, members work in small teams to present a presentation on a topic relevant to our mission. This not only helps open a dialogue on current events but always provides a great opportunity to practice presentation skills such as public speaking and deck building.

Internal Education

Professional Events

Social Events